When first purchased, goldfish have not yet adapted to their surroundings, so they can be fed once every 3-5 days. Afterward, feeding can be controlled to 1-2 times per day. During the spring and summer, they can be fed once in the morning at 7am and once in the evening. During the fall and winter, they can be fed once around 8am and once around 9pm. Each feeding should be enough to satisfy the fish but not too much, leaving no leftover food in the water.

Goldfish need to be fed once every few days, as they will starve to death if they are not fed for a few days
  1. How often to feed goldfish
    Feeding is a crucial step in the process of raising goldfish. When first purchased, they have not yet adapted to their surroundings, and feeding them too much can lead to indigestion. Therefore, during this period of adaptation, the frequency of feeding should not be too high, generally once every 3-5 days. As the goldfish gradually adapt to their environment, the amount and frequency of feeding can be gradually increased. When they are fully adapted, they can be fed 1-2 times per day.

Specifically, in the spring and summer, feeding times can be in the early morning around 7am and late afternoon. In the fall and winter, feeding times can be around 8am and 9pm respectively. However, it should be noted that feeding can be skipped if the water temperature is not suitable. The amount of food given at each feeding should be moderate, leaving no leftover food in the water. If too much food is given, any excess should be removed promptly to avoid polluting the water.

  1. How long can goldfish go without food
    Generally, goldfish will not starve to death, and they can go without food for about a month. When it is very cold in the winter, they may have a poor appetite, and they can go without food for two or three months without starving. When hungry, they can also eat some microorganisms and organic matter in the water. However, in the long-term state of hunger, their resistance to disease will be very poor, and they are more likely to get sick and die.

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